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"I had a wonderful reading with Karen. Her advice to me was apropos to my situation and following it brought me such great relief My conversation with her helped energized my belief that I will accomplish my goals." - Kathy C.

"Karen gave me great insight into a potential relationship. She accurately picked up on details of the situation and gave practical advice on how I can honor myself and my needs. Even after the call, I continued to reflect on what she said as it was what exactly what I needed, instead of wanted, to hear."  - Sheila L.

"This was perhaps the most uplifting reading I have ever had. What is more is that she is funny and sweet and is spot on with everything including initials, dates, etc. I have goosebumps when I think about it. Would totally recommend her." - Alicia R.

"Excellent reading! This is the second time I've called her. She tells it like it is in a very kind supportive way! She also shares guidance, tools and or suggestions on how to meet the reality of life. She is definitely plugged in to a high quality connection!" - Beth G.