A bit about me
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Since I was a very young child, I have had a strong and inherent tendency to tune into situations, feel what others were feeling, and see likely outcomes (amongst other things). I have dedicated much of my life to understanding and refining my role as a conduit between my clients and their higher knowing.​

 I​n a reading I receive information through seeing, hearing, feeling, “knowing” and perceiving… I then translate the given messages into words and guidance that are intended to empower you.

 This information weaves a tapestry of your life or circumstance and may pertain to one, or several areas of your life such as your health, career, relationships for example, and yes, your future. It is common in a reading for our guides to collaborate and bring forth pertinent information related to your question and beyond.

 I will always share with you the intuitive insights as I am given them on your behalf, which includes possible and probable outcomes, and conditions surrounding your situation as well as guidance on how to proceed to create the outcome you desire.​

 I do not believe that predictions or premonitions tell of a set future, as the future is malleable, we have free will. It is my belief we each create our own future through our choices, our actions, and our response to circumstances, every hour of every day. We can, and do affect outcomes, which I find empowering!

 I look forward to connecting with you.